I posted a permaculture gosling intro earlier, where I mentioned I would go into details about ‘permaculture gosling feed‘. I have many mental notes, yet to make it to screen. Meanwhile have a look at them munching away on this mix (grated apple, fermented super food from factory, mixed with the their dry version of that superfood, since they do not seem to like wet food, and of course a lot of finely chopped nettle, grasses, and dandelion):

I will collect more videos as time goes by, though it is hard to find the time with all these babies — three cat litters and two human kids as well, as well as a third generation of two elders hanging about…

Makes me think of this tune, which I know in the Guns N’ Roses version from ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’, originally by U.K. Subs:


One, two

One, two

[Verse 1]

All I need is some inspiration

Before I do somebody some harm

I feel just like a vegetable

Down here on the farm

Nobody comes to see me

Nobody here to turn me on

I ain’t even got a lover

Down here on the farm

[Verse 2]

They told me to get healthy

They told me to get some sun

But boredom eats me like cancer

Down here on the farm

Drinkin’ Lemonade Shandy

Ain’t nobody here to do me harm

But I’m like a fish out of water

Down here on the farm

[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 3]

I wrote a thousand letters

‘Til my fingers all gone numb

But I never see no postman

Down here on the farm

I call my baby on the telephone, I say

“Come down and have some fun”

But she knows what the score is

Down here on the farm

[Verse 4]

I can’t fall in love with a wheat field

I can’t fall in love with a barn

When everything smells like horse shit

Down here on the farm

Blue skies and swimming pools

Add so much charm

But I’d rather be back in Soho

Than down here on the farm

On the fucking farm


Are you born in a fucking barn or what?

Beh, hold still